Training courses for CNI Security

ECA Group International Delivers:
Training courses for CNI Security

Physical security Training
Cyber Security Training
Procedural Security Training
  • Establishment and Key-Point Protection and Surveying
  • Trains on the methodology to identify weaknesses in security practices to prevent attacks on critical systems or infrastructure.
  • Port Facility Security Officers'
  • Protective-security measures for port facilities, control of access, ship and container inspections
  • Ship Security Officers Protective security measure training for sea going craft
  • Physical Penetration testing All physical measures including OSINT and CTR
  • Ship security awareness
  • Introduces students to the security requirements for seagoing craft.
  • Unit Security Officers' Teach the principles and application of protective-security measures for sensitive sites, personnel, material and information.
  • Cyber Threat Awareness
    Introduces at executive level a tailored Master Class to the Threats and Risks associated with cyber
  • Information Assurance Accreditation/Awareness
    Introduces at executive level a tailored Master Class to the Threats and Risks associated with Information and Data Management
  • National Information Assurance (AIA) Accreditors
  • This is the practice of Business Assurance and Accreditation for Information Assurance that assures that any government or CNI ICT system is safe to underpin the departmental operation.
  • IT Security Personnel
  • Introduces students to the risks to Information, Communications and Technology (ICT) and the appropriate policies and strategies to mitigate the risk.
  • Cyber Penetration testing
  • Procedural penetration testing Planning the coordination of Cyber and Physical Security penetration testing to give a rounded security profile.
  • Debriefing and Interviewing Techniques Geneva Convention compliant methodologies
  • Counter- Intelligence and management of investigations Teaches the management and investigation of security-related incidents or security breaches.
  • Tactical Questioning Geneva Convention compliant methodologies
  • Vetting and Personnel management Instructs students in methods of vetting personnel for sensitive security or key-point positions

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