Data Centre Location, Threat & Risk Management Services

ECA will provide comprehensive risk management services to ensure that every aspect of a Data Centre and Control Room is managed in accordance with your organisation’s cost and risk expectations.

Our benchmark standards for assurance, construction and operation are based on many years’ practical experience of developing large IT systems and helping staff to operate them securely and reliably. In fact the ECA team have worked with the UK Government to set the standards for Data and Control Centres as part of the Critical National Infrastructure (CNI) and have authored the latest Centre for the Protection of the National Infrastructure (CPNI) guide for the protection of Data Centres.

Risk Management Services

We work hard to find the right Data Centre location: one that is as free from hazard as possible, has a reliable and scalable power supply with back up generators, and good diverse communications. We use threat/impact assessments to establish what the threats are and where the vulnerabilities exist.

A resilient, secure Data Centre is based on interdependencies. We work to ensure that there are no weak components. Beginning from the outside, we assess the data centre in relation to its environment and construction. Then we work in, step by step, examining every system and process. A zoned approach to protection is the most effective, with layered controls both internally and externally, for example


  • Perimeter fence, boundary or physical landscape feature
  • CCTV
  • Security lighting


  • Visitor reception separated from man trap before administrative areas
  • Data Hall behind administrative offices etc
  • Physical security at all ingress points and between zones

When risk and cost must be balanced, we are careful to use common sense, keep an open mind, and help our clients to reach the optimum decision based on the options available.

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