ECA Performance Matters

The ECA Group recognises that that to survive and prosper in these challenging business conditions, your organisation has to be performing at the highest level of resilience and assurance, with performance optimised throughout the organisation.

Our experts in Business Assurance, Data Centre Resilience and Security Architecture will help you ensure that your business information, technology and infrastructure are resilient and secure.

Your people are your most important asset – they are the heart of your business.

Your leadership team require high calibre skills, fast decision-making, resilience in change management and excellent employee relations, all of which empower and develop their teams. Individually they require creativity, sensitivity and the ability to manage their own needs, stresses and time optimally.

The ECA Performance Matters team are more than expert Leadership and Management Certified Transformational Coaches. They have been senior international corporate and military managers, and bring core expertise in leadership, business strategy, business development, employee and career development, professional development, marketing, strategic alliance development and business consultancy.

Our proven track record speaks for itself.

Here’s what some of our clients have had to say about Catherine Mitchell-Reid, our Lead Partner for ECA Performance Matters:

“Catherine is simultaneously creative and focused. She effectively applies her marketing skills to generate relevant and high value output and uses her extensive business know-how to guide her customers to better decisions. Catherine is a pleasure to work with and I would highly recommend her for a variety of senior consulting engagements.” Global Commercial Vice President.

“Is a highly talented and experienced take-charge person who is able to successfully develop plans and implement them both at strategic and tactical level. She has proven leadership ability by generating change and by coaching myself and many other colleagues like me in developing our competencies. Her advice has been a great asset to me and her pleasant and encouraging attitude I will always aspire to emulate.” Commercial Director, EMEA.

“Was a real pleasure to work with as a coach and mentor, as she always maintained a high level of professionalism and fun at the same time and offered genuine support. She helped me through some 'interesting' times of late and I believe would be an asset to anyone looking for someone to provide guidance/ advice/ coaching support/ or as a sounding board when going through change within their career or life.” Regional Marketing Manager EMEA.

“We worked together for 5 years and in that time I learned to have the greatest regard and respect for her, both as a person on which one could always rely to get the job done and in her ability a a top notch strategist. Always a clear thinker with an eye for the commercial requirements of the company, but never losing sight of the 'client' dimension in her though processes, I value and recommend Catherine completely.” Partner, Global Consulting organisation.

“Catherine is a great strategic thinker and a solid communication specialist. She balances her professional assets with a very humane interaction with others, open, attentive, and always attempting to grow others alongside her. As a coach she leverages her fantastic communication skills, her interest in others and her thorough analysis of what motivates them.” Head of Business Line, EMEA.

“She was a sophisticated, energetic and effective marketing and communications VP. Her ability to porpoise between a global and country-specific perspective was almost unique and highly valued. I miss her contributions and would recommend her in these areas.” Global Chief Marketing Officer.

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