Information Assurance

"Information Assurance is the confidence that information systems will protect the information they handle and will function as they need to, when they need to, under the control of legitimate users."

CESG - The Information Assurance arm of GCHQ

ECA has developed a deep understanding of the risks and threats that serious and organised crime and other threat groups pose to both public and private information operations and their associated business-critical assets.

ECA’s approach to Information Assurance is pragmatic and risk-driven: bespoke methodologies and risk management approaches ensure that your organisation makes the most effective use of the resources available, and that Information Assurance is a business enabler rather than a burden on normal operations.

ECA’s staff hold some of the highest national security clearances possible and have many decades of practical experience in delivering pragmatic measures that are effective and affordable. For public authorities, ECA’s core information assurance services include:


ECA’s consultants are members of the CESG Listed Adviser Scheme, approved to provide Information Assurance advice on systems processing protectively marked information.



ECA can prepare Risk Management Accreditation Document Sets as required by the Cabinet Office for systems processing protectively marked data.


Government Accreditation

ECA has delivered more than 50 accredited systems and has 2 Accreditors on its professional services team.



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