Security Support

The design and delivery of secure information systems is an immensely complex and detailed process. Failure to bring together the correct policies, procedures and technologies in exactly the right way can create vulnerabilities in even the most secure environments. Increasing efficiency pressures, and the burden of corporate governance rules, make security a testing challenge for any organisation.

The ECA team is experienced in providing strategic and operational security support to clients. From determining the broad business objectives for security, through setting executive mandates and high-level policies, to assisting engineers in the delivery of secure systems, ECA’s consultants can work with your staff at every level to ensure an holistic information security infrastructure.

At ECA we understand that it is not always possible to design security in from the very beginning; that the reality of systems management is the presence of legacy technologies that are mission-critical yet inherently insecure. Many organisations simply aren’t in a position to introduce security architectures or to throw out non-compliant equipment, and the ECA team is adept at using risk assessment methods that identify the optimum balance between cost and outcome.

ECA’s security support services are vendor-neutral, and include:

  • Developing security policies procedures to govern the security management process;
  • Designing system security architectures;
  • Selecting and configuring security equipment;
  • Testing and auditing security controls;
  • Delivering training and awareness for key staff members.

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