Cyber Security Company & UK Cyber Security Strategy

”Cyber-attacks are a major threat to the country's economic welfare and its national infrastructure”
Foreign Secretary William Hague

Cyber-crime is now probably the biggest single threat to your organisation’s resilience and maturity. Cyber defence is NOT an IT issue and building an ever bigger wall around your data and information is simply not the answer.

To have on-going protection against cyber-attacks requires organisational maturity and resilience.

UK Cyber Security Strategy

ECA are masters at tailoring bespoke solutions in this critically important arena and have done so for dozens of companies, moving them to a mature defensive position in the on-going cyber war, allowing those organisations to constantly improve as they operate in a secure ‘business as usual’ environment.

Cyber Security

Cyber-crime is one of the fastest growing areas of illegal activity world-wide, due to the relatively low costs involved for the perpetrators with massive potential returns, driven by the global nature of the internet.


Information assurance and AIA

ECA has developed a deep understanding of the risks and threats that serious and organised crime and other threat groups pose to both public and private information operations and their associated business-critical assets.



Helping make the developing world self-sufficient in Cyber Security.
One of the biggest challenges facing the developing world is protecting against cyber intrusion.


Privacy and Data Protection

The rapid evolution of information systems is casting a spotlight both on the privacy of personal data and on those responsible for safeguarding it.


ECA Ocean: Trusted Crew™ Services

Through our trusted crew ECA Ocean services we will give you assurance and peace of mind that your yacht is in safe and experienced hands.


Business Continuity

Business continuity is the process of ensuring that critical business functions remain available in accordance with the expectations of every stakeholder that depends upon them.


Cloud Security

Ultimately, you can outsource responsibility... but you can't outsource accountability. Cloud computing is a new way of delivering computing resources, not a new technology.


Cyber and Corporate Governance

ECA are acknowledged experts in helping C- Suites get to grips with the governance and corporate responsibilities involved in creating 21st century cyber- resilience.


Identity Assurance

Identity Assurance is the verification and management of those attributes that are used to assert that an individual is who they claim to be.



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