Security and Access Control

Security is a key business enabler giving you assurance that business critical information will be delivered as and where required. Good security measures will ensure that access is controlled and in so doing, interference with sensitive equipment by untrained, unauthorised or malicious personnel is prevented. Monitoring of the environment can also help to prevent incidents which could otherwise disrupt or destroy equipment within the hosting centre.

ECA will incorporate security and access controls into the overall design, including card/fob swipe access control, keypad access control, biometric scans, CCTV, floodlights, perimeter fencing, and Perimeter Intrusion Detection systems (PIDs). The use of each of these will depend upon the nature and criticality of your facility.

A zoned approach to protection is the most effective, with layered access controls both internally and externally, for example


  • Perimeter fence, boundary or physical landscape feature
  • CCTV
  • Security lighting


  • Visitor reception separated from man trap before administrative areas
  • Data Hall behind administrative offices etc
  • Physical security at all ingress points and between zones

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